Friday, November 19, 2010

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Ranger Rick's Dinosaur Book

Ranger Rick Magazine has been around for over 40 years, delivering nature stories with great photography and art to the children - who are, Whitney Houston taught us, the future. Trish Arnold shared some scans from 1984's Ranger Rick's Dinosaur Book with the Vintage Dinosaur Art pool at Flickr.

Eleanor M. Kish contributed this Triceratops, which nicely illustrates the now-out of favor sprawling forelimb position.Eleanor M. Kish Triceratops

She also did this nice Hypacrosaurus, a good illustration of cryptic coloring in a dinosaur, though it does suffer from "noodle neck" syndrome, a common occurance in old representations of hadrosaurs.
Eleanor M. Kish Hypacrosaur

Kish has several dinosaur titles to her credit, but very little work online. Hopefully I'll come across one of them so I can give her an entry of her own.

Here's an Archaeopteryx by John Gurche, whose giant Sue painting at the Field Museum is one of my favorite Tyrannosaurus paintings. In the photo comments, Trish makes note of the fact that this dude looks exactly like a bird with a lizard head.
John Gurche Archaeopteryx

Mark Hallett, interviewed this week at Archosaur Musings, did this wonderful painting of a group of pesky mammals congregating at a ceratopsian skull as the Paleogene began.

Rodents, marsupials, carnivores. Wondering what the heck they're going to do with the place now that they have it to themselves.


  1. Awesome post! On a side note, Project Dryptosaurus is going to be the permanent name of my blog from here on out. The blog was just recognized by regator as such and I want to keep it that way for the upcoming project stuff. So you can ditch the Gary Indiana title for the blog. Thanks for the support! I wrapped up the week with one 2 more cool interviews! I want to do one with you! Your blog rocks!

  2. (Before she drops everything to read that Mark Hallett interview.)

    I'm so glad my contributions to Vintage Paleoart are appreciated. I've found more old dinosaur books recently at the library and am happy/a little sad to report that it looks like I've exhausted their catalog of outdated paleontology books.

  3. When I was 8 and decided to run away from home (to the tree in the backyard, where I planned to live) the only thing I took was crackers and my stack of Ranger Rick magazines.

    Gave up at dinner.

  4. Do note that the Trike also has plantigrade hind limbs.


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