Friday, November 26, 2010

Mesozoic Miscellany #8


The ART Evolved crew announced their final tally for the Pink Dinosaurs benefit: $556, beating their goal of $500! Great job to everyone who contributed, and to the AE folks for havin g such an inspired idea.

Dave Hone's interview with Mark Witton is chock-full of great imagery and plenty of insight into his process and inspiration. For more Witton, check out my own interview with him, from February of this year. Hone also posted an interview with megasuperstar Michael Skrepkick this week.

Saurian featured a review of Scott Sampson's Dinosaur Odyssey.

Brian Switek broke down the two new iguanadontians, Hippodraco and Iguanacolossus, at Dinosaur Tracking, as did Andy Farke at the Open Source Paleontologist.

Some jokester used dinosaurs to poke fun at vegans on a bulletin board.

At Other Branch, Ian wrote about William Stout's Dinosaur Discoveries.

Twit Picks
Stuff I've tweeted in the last week or so, (in a not-particularly-active week of tweeting):
I Effing Love Dinosaurs featured this cool illustration by Chris Thornley.
Thesaurus Rex

Paleoart of the Week
So, I was having a tough time figuring this one out this week. So I bounced around Flickr for a while and landed on Mark Witton's photostream. I clicked on the "pterosaurs" set, and this is the one that my niece, Molly, picked out. Maybe a reminder of the day's Thanksgiving feast?
You're the reason I'm leaving

Outrageously Off-Topic Indulgence
Seems like I normally use this to direct you to a musical artist I particularly enjoy. I'll try to switch it up a little here by encouraging you to listen to the cheeky fellows at the Merseyside Skeptical Society on their podcasts Skeptics with a K and Inkredulous. Just a delight.

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