Friday, November 19, 2010

Mesozoic Miscellany #7

Some great interviews this week. At the Open Source Paleontologist, Andy Farke has some questions for Mark Witton. Mark discusses his new paper with Mike Habib that reaffirms that the giant pterosaurs could indeed fly, and well. Part one. On the mammalian side of things, Andy also talked to Josh Samuels this week about his Sinocastor research, digging into the relationship of the ancient beaver to its modern relatives.

Dave Hone continues his excellent series of paleoart interviews with Mark Hallett, one of the giants of the field. The post includes great examples of his art and some cool photos.

At his new blog Gary Indiana, Gary Vecchiarelli talked to Terry of Jurassic Park Legacy.

In reaction to yet more sloppy reporting, Brian Switek lays it out: Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs! Brian also provided the web's best coverage of a new research paper that looked at the musculature of the tail of Tyrannosaurus rex and concluded that previous estimates needed to be beefed up considerably.

At Superoceras, David Tana writes about the phenomenon of parthenogenesis, or asexual reproduction among vertebrates.

At his newly-redesigned Theropod Database Blog, Mickey Mortimer provides a look at two of Gregory S. Paul's clades, Avepoda and Averostra.

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Paleoart of the Week
It's always a treat when Matt van Rooijen posts a new piece of art. This week, he shared the final version of the Styracosaurus he's been working on. I love the coloration and the attitude of this beast. Standing in this dude's path? WOULD NOT WANT.

Image copyright Matt van Rooijen, used with his permission.

I Effing Love Dinosaurs shared this gem a few days ago, credited to Ursula V.

Outrageously Off-topic Indulgence
The new Cee-Lo Green album is a pure joy!

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  1. Thanks for featuring the Styracosaurus Dave! Love the coffee drinking Parasaurolophus(?)!


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