Friday, November 5, 2010

Mesozoic Miscellany #5

Gonna be a big week next week. You'll see. Let's wrap up this one.


Being the first week of the month, we have a new edition of the Boneyard Blog Carnival to read. Ian Garofalo of Other Branch ably hosted this month's edition. Read it now!

Paleoblogger extraordinaire Brian Switek is sick of naked dinosaurs. As he says in a great post at the Guardian, "today there is simply no excuse not to depict a coelurosaur without feathers." Brian's Written in Stone is released this month. I'm working my way through my review copy in anticipation of my interview with him here, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

If you haven't read Glendon Mellow's most recent post on the importance of image citation in the science blogosphere, here's another chance. High dudgeon, indeed, but the sort that doesn't nonplus me in the least!

iPreparator lays the smack down on those who would incorrectly mix plaster. It's not a trivial thing in the world of paleontology!

Twit Picks
Stuff I've tweeted over the last week or so:
Paleoart of the Week
Even though I only learned of his artwork recently, I am a huge fan of Jeff Martz's reconstructions. His panoply of Chinle terrestrial vertebrates showcased at Archosaur Musings recently graces my desktop background. Today, Chinleana shared his reconstruction of last year's Tawa hallae. Love it.

Tawa hallae illustration copyright Jeff Martz

JKvsHimself did this, and deserves excessively adulatory plaudits for it.

Outrageously Off-Topic Indulgence
Um, Shakira. She's great. Awoooooooo...


  1. When is Terra Nova scheduled to debut? Hope all is well! My blog URL has changed, its The old blog was just a place holder for the Project Dryptosaurus website which is now at Look forward to more awesome posts! Love your blog. My paleogary blog is just a personal blog, but I will update it when I can.

  2. Thanks, Gary. I've added it. I also gave a shout out to Project Drypto in last week's roundup!

    I don't think Terra Nova has a projected debut date yet. It was supposed to be next year, but that's starting to look hairy.

  3. It's supposedly coming in autumn of next year or NEXT next year. And the raptors will still be naked. (Exasperated eye-roll.)

  4. Thank you so much David! I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up on Terra Nova. Yes, I'm happy to say the project website is all good to go now at or if you want to type that long one LOL...but it looks good and the museum gave it a thumbs up here. Its informative, but not to technical. It geared toward the general public, so I needed to make it educational yet interesting. Experts like you all ready know the story ;-) Thanks also for adding my blog. I'm not a die hard writer like you, but I do like to have my personal blog if I come across interesting stuff to share. I just got around to posting stuff, so maybe you'll like the dino track quarry stuff I started posting on there. Talk to you soon!

  5. Trish - absurd! It would be so much better with feathered raptors. Maybe Reign of the Dinosaurs will shame them into doing it correctly?

    Gary - No problem at all. I like the fact that bloggers all follow their own posting schedules. One of the things I try to do, especially with these roundups and Twitter is to spread the love a bit and bump everyone's traffic as much as I can.


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