Tuesday, November 16, 2010

King Cryolophosaurus

Dinosaur Train is awesome. Any kid's show that not only uses the word "hypothesis" liberally but also demonstrates that changing a hypothesis with new information is a good thing is awesome. But only Dinosaur Train has King Cryolophosaurus.

A rockabilly crash course in theropod anatomy. So great.


  1. Man, I realize I'm not a kid anymore, but I love this show. I've seen it a bunch of times with my friends' two year old, and the quality and quantity of information they actually present in each episode always impresses me. Glad I'm not alone!

  2. I love that this show exists. The animated dinos are enough to overcome my cynicism as to how the idea came about:

    "Boss, we have the results of the focus group study. $10 million dollars, 500 kids, 6 months. Apparently ... wait, lemme find the right page ... OK, here we are. Kids like trains. And also dinosaurs."

    "Brilliant! Just the kind of top-notch insight we pay you for! Now, what do we do with this? We need to move quick before someone else catches on!"

    "How about .... wait, I see it! "Train Dinosaur". It is the story of a giant sauropod with seats strapped to its back, and it carries passengers from place to place!?"

    "Good, good. I like where this is going."

    "Wait! Take that, and reverse it!! Not Train Dinosaur, but, but, .... Dinosaur Train!"

    "Brilliant! What is the plot?"

    "Well, there are these dinosaurs. And they are on a train for some ... reason ...."

  3. LOL...like your reply Scott! This show is great. I saw the whole line in Wal-Mart and then I remembered...my son doesn't like dinos like daddy lol...but he appreciates them ;-)

  4. Christmas shopping over the weekend, my wife and I spent some time making the dinosaur train dolls talk to each other. Pretty fun!

  5. Here's my review of the show: http://albertonykus.deviantart.com/journal/36227392/

    And, yes, the songs are catchy, too!


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