Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs' Thanksgiving

Dinosaur's Thanksgiving

This week's title is, fittingly enough, Dinosaurs' Thanksgiving, one of Liza Donnelly's seven dinosaur titles. Donnelly is a veteran cartoonist whose work is familiar to New Yorker readers for its expressive simplicity.

Dinosaurs' Thanksgiving

What's important about titles like this one is that they express the simpler joys of our relationship with dinosaurs. You can't always grouse about the number of digits on tyrannosaurs' hands, after all. Still, one of the cool things about Donnelly's books is that she includes some ot the usually overlooked dinosaurs, like Hypsilophodon.

Dinosaurs' Thanksgiving

I have a couple more of these on hand, and I'll be posting them in the future (you may be seeing one pop up in a month or so). I love the colors, the greenish-yellows, the varied oranges complimented by pinks and blues, as well as the delight Donnelly takes in her simplified dinosaur shapes.

Dinosaurs' Thanksgiving

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