Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Planet Dinosaur launch trailer is here

So it is. Looking good too.

Highlights in the trailer: maniraptors with proper plumage! A Spinosaurus with a suitable head*! It's a little hard to critique the finer details when they're flashing past in a trailer montage (and yes, the use of the word 'pterodactyl' and a stock raptor sound effect is very lame), but it's looking like an improvement over many CG docus from the last decade or so. Here's hoping!

*Or not quite, as I've just seen these stills, which show that the mandible is a little off (not to mention certain other aspects of the anatomy, notably the forelimbs). Could be worse...I'm still happy about the feathered dinosaurs.


  1. ugh. I would love to see a walk cycle with a weight shift involved.

  2. The animation does look to be a mixed bag. But I'm reserving judgement (as best I can...) for September 14. I do plan on writing a full review for LITC.

  3. I would note that whilst usually the word "Pterodactyl" is used incorrectly, in this case I think they get away with it on the grounds that they are naming individual species... not the larger clades.

    "vicious new killers who towered over the T-Rex"
    "SA Giants,6 times heavier than the Diplodocus"
    "Sky-bound beasts that terrorised the Pterodactyl"

    ...Just a thought

  4. "Pterodactyl" isn't a species or even a genus, though (T. rex is a species, Diplodocus is a genus). It can be used informally to refer to the genus Pterodactylus or pterodactyloid pterosaurs, but is most often used to refer to pterosaurs in general.

  5. This definitely looks like a 21st century version of WWD, even if its quality doesn't seem to scratch what that was.

    But in between Planet Dinosaur and Dinosaur Revolution I'm more than happy to see good dinosaurs related shows once again, after almost a full decade.

  6. Why with the funny mandible on the Spinosaurus?

  7. *I just realised that you mentioned the thing I just wrote, and I apologise for that..

  8. Hands down best deinonychosaur ever depicted in a documentary. That's all.

  9. Wow, first Dinosaur Revolution and now this?
    Pretty cool, but the animation here looks like, well, animation. Nobody is going to mistake these dinosaurs for the real things, unless they were able to put some final polishing on the show itself to make them look less synthetic.
    Nevertheless, it definitely has my interest. Anyone know if and when this will air in the U.S.?

  10. Albertonykus: my thoughts precisely. I was completely giddy in my praise of it elsewhere too.


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