Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleestak Game Night

Just one bit of dinosaur ephemera on display at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Land of the Lost board game

I've seen neither the 70's TV program Land of the Lost, nor its "remake" from a couple years ago. But Michael May's reviews from earlier this year make me think I'll need to get around to it sometime.


  1. I never watched the original or the new movie either. But the early 90s remake of the series...THAT I was completely obsessed with! It ran on Nickelodeon on Saturdays, then eventually every weekday afternoon after school if I remember right.


  2. I would play the HELL out of that game.

  3. No self-respecting dinosaur blogger can live without seeing the original 1970s Land Of The Lost.

    Fix that, with a quickness!

  4. I DID NOT KNOW THEY MADE A BOARD GAME OF THIS!! I have GOT to get my hands on this! We just started doing a monthly Couples Game Night where we get together the first week of each month (we rotate houses to mix it up a bit, and the host house provides dinner, so we always get interesting cuisine), we have lottery wheels for small prizes like wine, and we set a movie up on the projector, and play classic team board games...but I think it'd be more fun to find unique ones like this to bring! Man, this looks like fun!

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  6. The board games are really fun. We have a blast with the boys almost ever weekend they come over. I think the dinosaurs are cool too. We also did the Lottery Wheels
    as well and it was fantastic. Had alot of fun.

  7. This game looks like it would be so much fun! My husband and I are actually starting our Christmas shopping early this year (trying to beat the crowd) and I think my boys would LOVE playing this! They were so engaged in the movie and to actually have a game where they can interact would make for a fun family night! We've already purchased some Lottery Wheels, classis GI Joe's and of course race cars. This will be an excellent addition under the Christmas Tree! Thanks for sharing!


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