Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mesozoic Miscellany 44

At his other bloggin' gig, our very own Marc Vincent picks some nits off of the recent Papo "Ankylosaurus."

The SV-Pow crew expounds further on how misleading it can be to try to infer internal structure from the neck's outer appearance. With great visual aids, as usual.

At the Open Source Paleontologist, Andy Farke reflects on the maturation process of a scientist coming to terms with how to judge the veracity of the literature and its authors.

That pesky devil Raptorex rears its head at Archosaur Musings, with Dave Hone's photos of a mount in China.

Mark Wildman raises our awareness of a threatened nature preserve in the UK, the geology of which bears record of "coral reefs within a tropical sea with a diverse marine community that includes crinoids, brachiopods, trilobites and many other animals. Their fossils are found in the limestone exposures and are often well preserved." A familiar geology to the one I live upon here in Indiana. Read more.

For more British geology, check out a post from the Lyme Regis Museum blog, detailing the history of the limestone in the area.

Nobu introduced us to a new mosasaur, including his restoration, naturally.

Anthony Maltese is still benefiting from fossil sites unwittingly prepped for him by poachers.

Some joker named Brian Switek was on the Little Atoms podcast, speaking about his book, Written in Stone...

Finally, tip o' the cap to Dinosaur Tracking for sharing this cute little tribute to Sam Neill's scary raptor speech in Jurassic Park, with plastic dinosaurs and hand-drawn infographics.

Raptor from Tal Moskovich on Vimeo.

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