Friday, September 23, 2011

Weishampel Opens the Hadrosaur Symposium

If you hear the dulcet tones of honking Parasauropholi this week, it's likely coming from Drumheller, Alberta, where the Royal Tyrrell Museum has been hosting the 2011 Hadrosaur Symposium. Most of us aren't able to be there, but in the spirit of the shiny digital future, the Tyrrell is making presentations available via their Youtube channel. The first upload is David Weishampel's opening talk, giving historical context to the presentations to follow. Great stuff to see presented in this manner, so if you've got a spare 25 minutes, settle in and press "play." Embedded below for your convenience.

The Tyrrell is also sharing the symposium's content via Facebook and Flickr. Hopefully, more presentations will make their way online, and thanks to Dr. Tom Holtz again for helping to spread the word about nifty dinosaur happenings online.


  1. I will be following the proceedings very eagerly...

  2. Hooo, my goodness!!11!

    *Incoherent gibberish*

  3. And I apologise again for that. I was clearly just having too gigantic a nerd moment to check myself. I didn't quite mean to be such a vile attention strumpet. -_-;


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