Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More on the Australian Dino Class of 2009

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs website is hosting a few videos from a recent prime time documentary about the discovery of the dinosaurs Australovenator, Diamantinasaurus, and Wintonotitan. It aired on the program "Sunday Night" in September. Strangely enough, the program uses clips of the utahraptors from Walking with Dinosaurs, uncredited, though they do credit another WWD clip used to depict the environment of early Cretaceous Queensland. The animated reconstruction of Australovenator is colored similarly to the WWD utahraptors, so maybe the editor got confused. The presenter must have been similarly confused; he refers to Australovenator as a "raptor," whereas it was actually a member of one branch of the allosaur family. I am glad to hear that Australian TV uses didgeridoos as audio shorthand for Australian-ness the way we do in the States.

And next time you're in Romania, be sure to make time to drop by the Moldova Mall. They've got a little exhibit set up featuring these three dinosaurs. I wish the marketing director for my mall would get an itch to do this sort of thing. It would probably mean displacing a pushy cell phone or facial cream salesperson's kiosk, but that's a fair sacrifice, isn't it?

Image courtesy Australian Age of Dinosaurs


  1. Hello dinosaur lover!
    I'm that strange marketing director that organized the exhibition. I accidentally entered your website and read your article.
    People that visited the dinosaurs had a lot of reaction starting with 3-year-old children that were screaming "Dinooozaaaaurrr" from the entrance and also running to se the exhibition to grandmas that were captured with Banjo on a new generation cell phone. It was fun!:) Elena.

  2. Elena, that is great - any time we can get dinosaurs in public places, I am one hundred percent in favor of it. Especially when we're talking about newer or more obscure dinos, like these from Australia. Good job!


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