Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Freakin' Tyrannosaur!

The tyrant lizards are on a certified hot streak right now. Chomping up column inches like baby hadrosaurs. Do we still use the term "column inches" in the digital age?

The news today is that a new Asian tyrannosaur of the Alioramus genus, named Alioramus altai, has made its debut in a paper published by the National Academy of Sciences.

This new tyrannosaur was on the small side for the family, with a less robust snout (though it was decked with horns) and finer teeth. A. altai's lighter body plan probably allowed it to go after smaller prey than its larger neighbor in Late Cretaceous Asia, Tarbosaurus. Lots of buzz about this one today: Paleoblog, Dinosaur Tracking, and a post by lead author Steve Brusatte at Archosaur Musings.


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  2. No I haven't freakin' considered that domain name. But I'll sure as freakin' hell be using the word "freakin'" in lots of freakin' post titles in the future if it will keep you coming back.


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