Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dinosaurs, from PBS

This is a very strange, hallucinogenic scene from the PBS documentary series "The Dinosaurs!" I love how the T. Rex is just chilling there on the sand dune with her chicks when the trike just up and charges. Then it tumbles down the dune and after a perfunctory slash at the T. rex's belly, submits to playing the role of dinner. I'm sure your average cheetah would love to have an antelope lie down in front of it and invite it to take a bite.

This series was from the early nineties, right before the nature of dinosaur animation was changed forever by the good folks at Industrial Light and Magic. It took a few seconds, but suddenly it came flooding back to my mind from the hoary halls of memory. I remember watching this. May have been my introduction to Bob Bakker. I'm surprised by how little information about the series I've found on the web.

Here's an entire episode from the end of the series, dealing with the K-T extinction. It's an hour long, so please, feel free to kick back with a box of Little Debbies and increase my time on site average!

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  1. Found this while Googling for dinos. I have the laserdisc set of this series that was put out by Pacific Arts. There are a few other weird production quirks too in the other episodes.


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