Thursday, January 9, 2014

'Top hat' Deinonychus

Pencil and gouache on recycled paper, 95mm diameter.

Prompted by Marc’s comment on my New Year post, Deinonychus with a ‘top hat’ feathery crest. I began fully intending to do a quick silly sketch, but it took a peculiarly serious turn.

(Note that the face isn't scaly but is skin with a pebbly, scale-like texture, akin to the faces of cormorants or the combs of fowl.)



  1. This is awesome, but how will you pull off the Diplodocus?

    1. I think I will have to forgo the turban, I'm afraid. ;)

    2. Aww, but we need to have all four of them to have a headress of some sort...

  2. I agree! The whole drawing is just great, but my eyes are specially drawn to those eyes. They have a photorealistic quality to them.

  3. That was quick! You may possibly have never previously been referred to as "dude" but... dude, that is awesome! Or, if you prefer Kitteh-speek - DOOD, U HAZ SUM SKILZ.

    I especially like the eye, too, but all of it is gorgeous.


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