Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tetzoo Time

TetZoo Time logo by John Turmelle, via his DeviantArt gallery.

Thanks to Albertonykus and John Turmelle, there is now an Adventure Time/ Tetrapod Zoology Podcast mashup called TetZoo Time. It's just getting started, so this is the perfect time to hop aboard.

Darren Naish (of the absolutely essential Tetrapod Zoology blog) and John Conway (of the equally essential John Conway's artwork) have been turning out the TetZoo Podcast since February, having released episode 17 today. It's a fun listen, because how could Darren and John casually chatting about tetrapods living and extinct, movies, their publications for Irregular Books, and their various misadventures not be?

As for the TetZoo Time creative team, John Turmelle is also known as ClassicalGuy on DeviantArt and Albertonykus of the Raptormaniacs blog and comic have really nailed the Adventure Time style, including the painterly title cards at the beginning of Adventure Time episodes. The comic is full of little in-jokes for followers of Darren and John's individual work and the online paleontology community. This includes an absolutely perfect Ice King stand-in who will delight fanciers of heretical amateur paleontology.


  1. I did not expect this to show up here. Many thanks for the plug!

  2. Shouldn't the, eh, "Ice King" has a moustache?

  3. Most recently (Munich pterosaur meeting): no moustache.

  4. Adventure Time with extinct animals? OH YEAH!!!


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