Friday, January 17, 2014

The Visual Effects of Walking With Dinosaurs

While Walking With Dinosaurs might have been an enormous disappointment, the consensus is that it's also an exceptionally pretty and well designed one. Unlike our intrepid reporters Mark and Niroot, I haven't seen it, partially because I didn't want to subject myself to it, and partially because I couldn't bring myself to subject someone else to it either.

That's why the video below, from Wired, is so cool: it gives us a look at the dinosaur designs with a minimum of inane, insulting chatter. There are some minor surprises as well; I had no idea that Parksosaurus and Hesperonychus were in the film. Obscure taxa in major studio releases are one of those things I feel like I ought to support.

Unless it means, say, sitting through Walking With Dinosaurs.


  1. Yes, Hesperonychus was in there towards the beginning (a pack chasing a mammal and Patchi), and Parksosaurus didn't even get a name caption, and was just referred to as "those green guys".

  2. Trolls get baleted»»»» stupid n'est pas....


Trolls get baleted.

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