Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Thursday, learn dinosaur sculpting from David Krentz

David Krentz at Comic-con, discussing Dinosaur Revolution. Photo by Peter Csanadi, via Flickr.

David Krentz, one of the major talents behind Dinosaur Revolution, has announced that he's hosting a free webinar on dinosaur sculpting this Thursday. From an email to the Dinosaur Mailing List:
I'm hosting a FREE webinar on THIS Thursday November 10 at 10 AM Pacific time on sculpting dinosaurs with the artist friendly software ZBrush. This will be a preview of a longer class set for the 18th of November where I'll cover the creation of a digital dinosaur from start to finish. This is the same program I created over 70 dinosaurs for Dinosaur Revolution. Its basically sculpting digital clay!

If you've ever been curious about new methods of digital sculpting and how it can be applied to paleoart or research for free this is the perfect opportunity.

The webinar will be held at


You can register there. The preview will be live and will be about 1 1/2 hour long.

This is a really cool opportunity! He is a true master. Check out his Antediluvia Collection at his website, and be sure to browse his Shapeways store, where you can buy resin models of his work.


  1. wow, this is awesome! thanks for posting this.

  2. Wish I had ZBrush, 'cause this would be cool! I've been teaching myself Blender, but ZBrush seems to be a lot more powerful.


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