Saturday, November 5, 2011

One in the eye

Back in October, David featured a wonderful illustration of Gallimimus by Paul Heaston in his 46th Mesozoic Miscellany. Paul remarked that "ornithomimids are being ignored in the dino-media and paleoart" - and David agreed, adding that he'd like to see "an ornithomimid triumphant over a tyrannosaur". I then jokingly remarked that perhaps an artist could draw "Deinocheirus jabbing a tyrannosaur in the eye", adding that regular deviantArtist 'Durbed' might oblige, as he is known for wince-inducing and occasionally slightly unlikely scenes in which prey items exact bloody revenge on popular giant theropods (like Daspletosaurus). 'Durbed' (also known as 'Arioch' - I nearly asked him what his real name was, but quite liked the mystique), who is no slouch, duly obliged. Some time ago.

So, here it is, with apologies for the delay on my part! (I've cropped out a little white space here - be sure to check out the original on deviantArt, where of course it can also be viewed hi-res).

Durbed has a style that I really like - very bold, black lines mixed with vibrant colour schemes. It's 'comic book', although in the best possible way, and the animals remain anatomically sound the vast majority of the time. He also doesn't skimp on the plumage when it comes to rendering maniraptors, and dromaeosaurs in particular, and his work has improved dramatically in just a short amount of time. I'm hoping he goes back and adds a background for the above scene. (If nothing else, I like the way he subverted my expectations by having Deinocheirus use its foot, rather than its infamously terrible hands, to show the tyrannosaur who's boss!)

In addition, the ever-reliable Niroot produced a wonderful piece in which a gaggle of Ornithomimus are mobbing a threatening Albertosaurus. Well worth a look.


  1. I have to admit that the comic book thing isn´t always intentional though...I´m a very amateurish digital painter so its not like I had an option to achieve a different and more realistic look (with all respect to everyone who uses a similar style, and probably much better than me)

    Anyway, very glad you mentioned my work here (and I have something new almost finished, so stay tuned!) ;)

  2. @Durbed: Don't worry, what I don't know about art could fill a museum (the Victoria and Albert museum, maybe...) so I'm probably off the mark in describing it as such. I was wary of that description maybe sounding insulting, which wasn't my intention.

    Oh, and just looking at your deviantArt gallery one can see how your digital painting has really improved, as I said, in just a short amount of time! So keep plugging away...

  3. Don´t worry Marc, that wasn´t insulting at all, quite the opposite - I actually find flattering that someone even consider me an "artist" of any kind (and I love comics, so...)

    I actually feel a bit ashamed when I look at my "older" drawings (they´re from this same year!), and make me realize how little effort I used to put in them, lol...I guess I felt encouraged to put more work in the details when I felt the acceptance of this first sketchy drawings. So kudos to you guys. ;)

  4. Fun stuff! I winced as soon as I saw it! I enjoy the colours and line work too!

    If Durbed continues this path perhaps we can begin using 'durbed' as a term to replace 'pwned or owned' in predator/prey relationships!

    That Pentaceratops totally DURBED that Daspletosaurus!

  5. "If Durbed continues this path perhaps we can begin using 'durbed' as a term to replace 'pwned or owned' in predator/prey relationships!"

    I would be flattered! :D but honestly I don´t want to give the impression that I´m a theropod/predator hater of any kind, I just aim to help restore the cosmic balance giving some love to ornitischians or another usual punchbag like prey....


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