Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feathered Dinosaurs coming to ART Evolved

Our close comrades at the paleoart blog ART Evolved have announced that the next gallery, coming in February 2012, is dedicated to feathered dinosaurs.

For the first time since the pink dinosaur breast cancer drive in October of 2010, I know for sure that I'll actually have work to submit. I've begun work on a series of illustrations dedicated to the various intriguing critters who muck around at the base of the bird family tree, thwarting anyone who needs perfect clarity in the delineation between "bird" and "dinosaur." This is all in preparation for next August, when I will be exhibiting my illustrations at the Bloomington, Indiana children's museum Wonderlab. I'll also be doing a little educational presentation on dinosaurs and birds, and building on my current studies, every child will get to go home with their own "feather fossil," which I'll help them print. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'm grateful to Wonderlab for inviting me to do this.

As a sneak peak... look into the eye of Buitreraptor, an unenlagiine dromaeosaur from Argentina whose greatly elongated snout made it irresistible to me when jotting down illustration subjects.

Buitreraptor sneak peak

I'll have more information on my Wonderlab presentation closer to the date; in the meantime, get your favorite art utensil and start on some feathered dinos of your own. Head to ART Evolved for more information, and to learn about their retooled gallery schedule.


  1. This is fantastictabulous! I can't wait to see some of the other stuff you've been up to; I would guess that you're making a lot in school these days?

  2. These particular illos aren't for any of my current course work. I'm just a masochist. My main project right now is about feathers specifically, and I'm using them on a letterpress, creating part and counterpart "slabs" on paper. I'll be sharing that project for sure! In the thick of it now.

  3. Really love this treatment. Loved those dinosaur holiday cards you had on the blog last season. It takes an amazing amount of knowledge to abstract to the degree that you do and still have something credible.

  4. Thanks Jack, that's a very kind comment. I've been pushing myself to do more with less, and stripped away a lot of my old habits. Hope you dig the final product!

  5. Nice David! Like it a lot!


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