Friday, November 11, 2011

Mesozoic Miscellany 47: SVP Edition

It's been a very eventful month since I last gathered up a heapin' passel of links from around the dinosaur blogosphere, so why am I wasting time with a belabored introduction? Let's get to it.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting for 2011, held in Las Vegas, has come and gone. This year's conference has seen the most extensive online coverage yet. The hashtag #SVP2011 was handy, if not exactly widely used by attendees. That will likely change as more rowdy youngsters come up through the ranks. Plenty of blogs provided coverage, however.

Brian Switek was there, natch. He provides great posts on the presentations at Dinosaur Tracking under the SVP Dispatches tag.

H2VP has begun a series on the conference with a post about blog co-author Mike Habib's a new paper he collaborated on, dealing with friggin' huge birds, "Flight Performance of Giant Pseudodontorn Birds." It's published by PLoS One.

Jenn Hall hands out a bunch of SVP-themed awards at Clever Girl, including "Best Dinosaur Bosses" to Bob Walters and Tess Kissinger.

Mark Wildman has been writing about his experiences at SVP at Saurian, starting with his highlights, continuing with a post about sauropod presentations.

David Tana's blog Superoceras features three posts about the conference, with a prologue, Day 1 round up, and another about the networking opportunities for students at SVP. David promises more to come, so stay tuned.

Susan Drymala provides a roundup of archosauromorph presentations at Crurotarsi.

Heinrich Mallison was able to post a dispatch on the conference's third day, as well as a short summary afterwards. He's also posted about his own talk at SVP, "Fast moving dinosaurs: why our basic tenet is wrong." It's gotten a bit of press, as well; from Nature, which was mirrored by SciAm and another piece at the Atlantic.

At PhD in the Land of Enchantment, Mel provides another take on the conference, discussing the good and bad points. Anyone who's been to Vegas and not particularly enjoyed it may know where this is going.

Jazinator was pleasantly surprised by the overall friendly environment at SVP, having been warned about a higher D-bag population than is healthy.

For a post that matches its subject for massiveness, pull up a a chair and get comfy for Nima Sassimi's piece at The Paleo King about the hoary subject of what taxa can truly be considered the largest dinosaurs of all time.

You can also check in with the SVP at Twitter. Speaking of which, I curate a list of dinosaur tweeters, which you can check out whether you have a Twitter account or not. As always, feel free to suggest folks I'm missing.

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