Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Terrible '90s Dromaeosaur Face-Off: Round 4

It's finally time for the last round before the semi-finals. Last week's runaway rinner was Velociraptor from the Dinosaurier trading cards - described as a "Croco-raptor" (Ryan de Luca), "hideous mutant alligator man" (Tomozaurus) and "bipedal crocodile with ostrich legs" (Henrique Niza). Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Both of this week's entries come courtesy of Vrahno, who was able to provide a double helping of spectacularly bad dromaeosaurs in a single comment. It should be a tough one!

In the blue corner - Velociraptor from Spotter's Guide to Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals:

And in the red corner - Velociraptor from 100 Things You Should Know About Dinosaurs:

Which one wins? And on what criteria? You decide! The winner will appear in the second semi-final in two weeks' time. Best of luck.


  1. Oh God, oh GOD the Blue Corner! You poor thing! What happened to your large talons? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR HEAD???

    (Seriously, what are those lumps on the back of his head?)

  2. I gotta go with the red corner. I just want a gaggle of puppy dog raptors for my very own. A man can dream....

  3. The blue corner appears to be suffering from 'Cane Toad Syndrome'. It seems to occur with peculiar frequency among theropods. Blue corner it is.

  4. This one is easy, since I both like the blue corner better and think it's the worse out of the two.

  5. Are the following terrible enough to qualify? I'd be surprised if Trish hasn't already recommended the 2nd link's Deinonychus & Velociraptor or the 3rd link's Velociraptor, given that she reviewed "A Field Guide to Dinosaurs" & "The Macmillan Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals".




  6. Definitely the blue corner. If the thing didn't have a tail, I'd mistake it for the Dinosauroid. :P

  7. @Trish: It's an enlarged brain, it's evolving into a dinosauroid. My vote goes for it too.

  8. Hadiaz, it's up to Dave and Marc, but I will definitely vouch for GiantNeckraptor.

  9. Raptor vs Brain tumour= Blue Corner
    Raptor vs Belly fat= Blue Corner
    Raptor - Sickle Claws = Blue Corner.

    It's not a raptor. it's an abomination. and therefore wins.

  10. I like the sleazy looking blue corner

  11. The blue corner reminds me of Moravec's Anatosaurus.

    No Velociraptor should remind anyone of any Anatosaurus. Blue corner.

  12. Blue, definitely, what with its hideous pulsing brain tumor and pot belly.

  13. Blue corner. Apparently Cretaceous headphones weren't miniaturised the way we can do it now.

  14. The 2nd link in my previous comment doesn't work anymore, but this 1 does: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5055/5561688220_0ac4050091.jpg

    In retrospect, the 3rd link's pic is too hard to see in detail, so a match btwn the above link's dromaeosaurids would be better.


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