Thursday, October 20, 2011

We'll have fun, fun, fun, until daddy takes the dinosaurigami away

It's been a while since I shared origami dinosaurs here. Enough time for a lot of new photos to be posted at the origami groups I follow at Flickr. I've also noticed that origami enthusiasts are doing a better job of telling what designer's models they are working from, if it's not their own personal design.

Dilophosaurus 1.8 (Carillo) (2/2)
Here is a Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus, identifiable as such by that neck frill which was completely a work of Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park screenwriter Matt Groening's imagination. It's folded by Daniel Brown, working from Juanfran Carillo's design. Not a scientifically-accurate dilo for sure, but quite fetching nonetheless.

This set by Joseph Wu is folded from some of origami master Fumiaki Kawahata's early dinosaur designs. There's something endearing about that frog-mouthed theropod.

Origami Dinosaurs
This set reflects Kawahata's later designs, and as you can see, they are much more intricate than the Joseph Wu set above. Shuki Kato folded these, all of which are designed by Kawahata, except for the Spinosaurus, which is Kato's own.

Deinonychus Origami
Stephen O'Hanlon designed this Deinonychus, folded by Xin Yan Yang. The elongated skull looks more like Velociraptor, and its smile makes me think of a certain crocoraptor...

Brian Chan folded this Barosaurus designed by Satoshi Kamiya, and I like the way its drab colors play against the green paper and psychedelic color of the trees on the horizon.

Dinosaur and man - Jeong, Hyeon-Jae
Like the Dilophosaurus above, this is a work of fantasy. I like the monochromatic, oatmeal-colored sculpture against the model landscaping. It's folded by Nicolas Terry based on a Hyeon-Jae Jeong design.

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  1. I feel that Shuki Kato is worth mentioning here:

  2. You might also enjoy this:

  3. "that neck frill which was completely a work of Michael Crichton's imagination."

    Hate to be That Person on the Internet, but actually that's an invention for the movie. Lord knows what thought process led to it.

  4. Fixed.

    And don't deny that you love being That Person on the Internet.

  5. Actually, the neck frills *were* an invention of Michael Crichton's. Though not appearing in his novel, he added the idea in his version of the screenplay.
    Matt Groening was the creator of The Simpsons, not a Jurassic Park screenwriter.


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