Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A baby Apatosaurus in Oklahoma

NewsOK has this video report from the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, about a baby apatosaur specimen which was recently revealed as part of an exhibit called "Clash of the Titans."

Adorable! Thanks to Brian Hathaway for sharing this on the Dinosaur Mailing List.

A morbid little piece of me thinks it would be funny to mount a big theropod with a juvenile's bones in its gut.


  1. It's proportioned a lot more similar to an adult than I was expecting.

  2. The Sauriermuseum in Aathal Switzerland has a very complete juvenile sauropod skeleton that they found in the Morrison of Wyoming. You can see photographs on the Black Hills Institute website. It's a bit smaller than this one.

    When I saw it in Switzerland, they were displaying it with a scaled down Camarasaurus skull. They seem to have since decided that it's an Apatosaurus. Looks quite different from this though.


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