Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grimlock by Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen's artwork hits a bunch of my sweet spots, with its bold colors, propaganda poster compositions, and twisted treatment of pop culture. As with any illustrator I'm new to, I did a quick scan through his work for anything dinosaurian. No straight up dinosaurs, but he makes the cut for this cool illustration of Grimlock, the leader of the posse of Transformers called the Dinobots. As Whalen writes at his blog, robots and dinosaurs are at the top of the heap of cool things. "...imagine taking the two, engineering them into a single toy that converts from one to the other and you'll begin to see why a generation of kids (myself gleefully included) was hypnotized by the transformers craze of the 80's."

grimlock poster by *strongstuff on deviantART

For more of Whalen's work, check out his DeviantArt, his Etsy shop, his blog, and his Tumblr. Grimace and Grimlock in a single day. I was not prepared for this when I woke up.

Oh yeah. One last thing. Hey, DeviantArt, how about some better embeddables? I don't mind watermarks. What you've got now is straight up clunky.

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  1. I've seen Whalen's stuff before, but this Grimlock is awesome!


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