Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Triceratops Discovery Trail

Orlando bound? The Triceratops at the Jurassic Park attraction at Universal Studios is back in action, as reported by Orlando Attractions.

Here's what it looks like in real animatronic life.

Kind of seems like it needs a bit of a diet, doesn't it? Got that saggy rhino-skin happening. Not that anyone asked, but I have a few other suggestions, including:
  • It would be kind of nice to see the sick Triceratops from the movie, with gross tongue vesicles for the kids to squeeze.
  • A raptor pit. It would be pretty cheap: all you'd need would be a bunch of snarling raptor sounds, a fake cow suspended from a crane, and a bloody tattered sling that could be swapped out when the crane pulls it back up. Cheap and effective.
  • A live "gymnast versus raptors" show.
  • A spitting Dilophosaurus. Nothing caustic. Maybe some edible goop like what was used on Double Dare.
  • A Jeff Goldblum impersonator endlessly nattering on as you proceed through the attraction.
  • At the very least, a huge pile of Triceratops dung.

Chop chop, Universal. Anyone been to the JP attraction at the park? For financial and temperamental reasons, I usually camp instead of hit theme parks for my vacations.

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  1. Actually, when I visited Universal years ago, there was a Jeff Goldblum impersonator there! I don't remember this Triceratops attraction - maybe it was closed when I was there. But I did get to have my picture taken posing with the Ford Explorer and the Tyrannosaurus from the first movie!


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