Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Discover the Thrill of Space and Time

I recently discovered the work of illustrator Justin White, AKA Jublin. This "time travel poster" is a good representation of his work. I never get tired of cowboys riding dinosaurs!

space and time - purple

He's done a few other pieces featuring dinosaurs, including these unfortunate tyrannosaurs.

two dinosaurs caught in a chinese finger trap

He's had quite a few designs chosen for print at Threadless. Check them out here.

Want to see more Threadless designs I've featured here? Easy-peasy.

Check out this post, this one, this one, this one, and this one.


  1. I started reading wondering if you'd been sucked in by the Threadless sale. I want to get the shirt, but eggplant isn't my style!

  2. No, I haven't been. I'm a huge tightwad! I have a difficult time spending money on "fun" stuff. Eggplant doesn't look too good on me, either. There is a second version of that illustration on Justin's flickr site, in earthtones, but it looks like that version is not available as a shirt. Bummer!


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