Friday, December 17, 2010

Mesozoic Miscellany #11

Juravenator, a gorgeously preserved compsognathid from the Solnhofen Limestone of Germany, has been in the news this week, with Chiappe and Göhlich's new paper describing its anatomy. Helmut Tischlinger's UV photography has once again revealed details unseen by the naked eye: bits of soft tissue on the tail, including feathery fuzz. The apparent absence of it was a bit confusing when originally described, throwing the model of early evolution of feathers in theropods into doubt. For more, check out posts at Archosaur Musings, DinoGoss, and Dinosaur Tracking.

New troodontid from the Cedar Mountain Formation in Utah! It's called Geminiraptor suarezorum, and Brian Switek has the details at Dinosaur Tracking.

At Archosaur Musings, Dave Hone has written a two-part post (one and two) discussing his new paper on mandibular fenestrae in pterosaurs.

In another of his fine field diaries from the Oxford Clay, Saurian wrote about a 2009 trip to the site known as Quarry Four.

The Central Coast Paleontologist has a two-parter this week, providing a nice rundown of the dinosaurs of Laramidia, the "Lost Continent" of the Cretaceous. Here's one and two.

Twit Picks
Stuff I've tweeted in the last week or so.
It's a twofer for today. This was an unusually fruitful week for dinosaurs on Tumblr, and it was hard to restrict myself to just two. First up, Dinosaurs F*** Yes shared this photo, entitled Grimlock vs. Munkzilla. It's the work of Matt Parsons, whose prints you can buy at Red Bubble.
Grimlock vs Munkzilla

And from Gerty Stein:

H/T to I Effing Love Dinosaurs.

Paleoart of the Week
Not a hundred percent perfect - those dromaeosaur hands are turned the wrong way, and he could be fuzzier - but I like the concept of this Katherine Smith piece shared by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology on Flickr. Extra ChasmoPoints® for including the Eastern Kingbird, one of my favorite field birds. Can't help it. I love small, simply-colored birds.
Dinosaur to Bird Evolution

Outrageously Off-Topic Indulgence
Listen to Meet the Skeptics! Chris Brown's* relatively newish podcast neatly fills a niche in the burgeoning skeptical podcasting world, by providing casual, long-form interviews with names big and small in the critical thinking community, including James Randi and George Hrab.

*(not that Chris Brown)

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