Friday, October 1, 2010

Vintage Dinosaur Art: More Peter Zallinger

One of the earliest Vintage Dinosaur Art posts featured illustrations by Peter Zallinger, son of the great Rudolf Zallinger. Tricia Arnold has been so kind as to add more of his work to the flickr pool, coming from the 1986 Random House title Dinosaurs and other Archosaurs. It's one of the rare books that gives space to the "other archosaurs."

Tricia writes, "One of the more interesting mini-trends I have noticed in these old dinosaur books is the tendency to show two dueling theories at once, apparently just in case one of them proves false. Therefore, Zallinger gives us a furry Cynodont and a naked Cynodont."

_Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs_ p.13

The bizarre feet above aside, I think Zallinger's style improved between the book from the previous post and this one. They're not perfect, but for the mid-1980's, they're pretty accurate, and reflect the ideas of the dinosaur renaissance in general while staying away from radical conjectures.

_Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs_ p.65

_Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs_ p.63

Still, there's something awful scrawny about a lot of these critters. Noodly necks and limbs in desperate need of some musculature.

_Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs_ p.34

Let's all give Tricia a mighty high-five for sharing these. Also, if getting your mind blown is your bag, see these size comparisons she found in an old drawing instruction book. Total weirdness!


  1. (Mighty high-fives back. If these were back in the good/bad old days of the internet, I'd send you some Spirit Flowers. XD)

    I'll have to look at the other post about Peter Zallinger. And come to think of it, where the heck are the drumsticks on that poor, huge-handed, buck naked Oviraptor?

  2. Those hands are so ridiculous. And so wrong!

  3. It looks as though those hand baskets were drawn to fit the name of the dinosaur - "an egg stealer would need huge claws to hold the eggs in".

    A vicious circle of misunderstanding, given that it is my understanding that we now think that Oviraptor was actually not an egg thief. "But look at those claws", people will say, "surely they were used to carry eggs off!".

  4. That's why we'll go ahead and call this guy Citipati...


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