Thursday, October 7, 2010

Darren Naish publishes Tetrapod Zoology Vol. 1

Today, Darren Naish announced the publication of Tetrapod Zoology Volume One, a compilation of posts from his blog of the same name. Anyone who's poked around the science blog scene has likely run into his blog and found that Naish consistently delivers well-researched, very readable essays on a wide variety of animals. Naish writes,
Chapters that discuss the possibility of parasite control in Mesozoic birds and other feathered theropods, new ideas about compsognathids and tyrannosauroids, and the life appearance of the weird fossil seal Acrophoca should make the book interesting reading for those of you with palaeontological interests, while the several chapters on recently discovered living species should be required reading for those interested in cryptozoology.
One of the joys of reading TetZoo is that you never quite know what to expect - it could be an analysis of a cryptid claim, a series on an obscure line of extinct beasts, or a look at an odd anatomical feature on an animal you think you know. I hope he does well with this publication, because he certainly deserves an audience beyond the blogosphere. Buy here.


  1. Congrats, the cover looks great! I'll be sure to pick up a copy.

  2. I so wish it was mine to take credit for... One day, there will be a book of LITC posts. One day.


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