Monday, October 11, 2010


Cracker Jacks have long stood atop the summit of snack food mountain, a proud sweet and salty sentinel attracting children with the very finest manufactured playthings that can fit inside a small, peanut-and-popcorn stuffed box. It's no surprise that the marketing whizzes at Cracker Jack chose tiny plastic dinosaurs for some of their prizes. The set was given the reference number F6300. It included such nuggets of prehistoric joy as the "Large Lizard," pictured with the selection below. Right next to his faithful friend, "square plated."

F6300 can be yours for nine measly little dollars. Considering that they were once given away for free and probably cost pennies to produce, that's an enormous bump in value over the last sixty years.

Now consider that this seller is unloading them for ten times less than their listed value in something called Mr. White's Unofficial Crack Jack Price Guide. I have no reason to doubt the veracity of this. I can scarcely imagine a better investment.


  1. What...what in God's name are those MADE OF?

  2. Something that comes out of the cracker jack sailor's dog. It's yucky.


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