Monday, October 18, 2010

An International Supergroup of Dinosaur Experts

If you've got an hour, and getting up to speed on dinosaur basics is something you want to do, I heartily recommend the latest Enlightenment podcast from The 21st Floor, a Scottish website dedicated to science and skepticism. The episode brings together an international supergroup of experts who each tackle one aspect of the dinosaur story, from the Triassic origins with Jeff Martz, to theropods and birds by Tom Holtz, ornithischians by Suzie Maidment, sauropods with Jerry Harris, and sauropod vertebrae pneumaticity with Mike Taylor.

Good job to everyone involved. It's really well done! I'm a podcast junkie, and any time paleo topics are covered in detail is a treat. Unfortunately, that usually only occurs when there's a big new story, and generally is aimed at folks with a very general level of knowledge of dinosaurs. An hour of dinosaur talk from experts really hit the spot. Hone was also a guest on an episode of the same podcast in May, located right here. Be warned: the audio is pretty dodgy on this one.

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  1. Spot on Dave. I let Dave Hone know what a good job he did with this over at Archosaur Musings. Nice for the general public to be treated as adults for a change.


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