Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Dinosaur Art: More From Sinclair Oil

OH Fletcher - Sinclair Sign

It's not technically accurate to use a dinosaur as an oil company's logo. But a logo of a plant probably wouldn't scream "fossil fuel" to most people, so it's understandable why the company would draw inspiration from the most iconic fossils of all. Here are a selection of cool Sinclair promotional materials from the mid 20th century. This stuff combines two of my big passions: dinosaurs and mid-century design. I love the simple sauropod icon and stark red and green color scheme.

Here's the cover for their Dinoland brochure from the New York World's Fair, provided by What Makes the Pie Shops Tick? More photos from the Dinoland exhibit here.

The Exciting World of Dinosaurs - 1964-65 New York World's Fair

The next two, from Neato Coolville, feature Sinclair's cartoon mascot, Dino.

Dino the Sinclair Dinosaur Ad Character

Sinclair Dino Safety Tablet

This one, provided by Baltimore Bob, features a photo of the Sinclair Dinosaur Exhibit at the 1933 Century of Progress World's Fair. Probably my favorite piece of vintage Sinclair memorabilia.

Antique postcard: Sinclair dinosaur exhibit, 1933 World's Fair

Want more Sinclair? Check out the Vintage Sinclair flickr pool, or my earlier post on Sinclair's dinosaur stamp sets.

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  1. Stephen Jay Gould wrote that when he was a kid in the 1940s, the Sinclair Oil logo was one of the few representations of dinosaurs he saw outside a museum.


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