Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boneyard News

I've set up a site for the Boneyard Blog Carnival, located here. I'll be making it look prettier, but I wanted to get it up quickly so I could spread the word and call for submissions for the first edition, which will be posted here at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs on Tuesday, September 7. Fellow bloggers, put on your thinking caps and ponder what post you'd like to submit. The only requirement is that it be related to paleontology in some way. It doesn't need to have been posted recently, either!

I also am looking for hosts of future editions. So far, the first one is the only one spoken for.

Thanks to the folks at for including the Boneyard in their list of blog carnivals. If you haven't checked their site out yet, I totally recommend it. It's going to be a valuable resource for bloggers and readers alike for a long time.


  1. ART Evolved will volunteer for the sequel Palaeo-art themed Boneyard whenever that is desired (the first being hosted by our member glendon mellow back in the day)

    i can host another as well. have to think of my theme...

  2. I'm exceptionally new to this whole interwebs thing, but give me a few carnivals to see how to get it done properly, and I'll gladly host one.

  3. Thanks for the interest. I definitely recommend Bora's post on Blog Carnivals. It was pretty inspiring to me. I've linked to it from the official Boneyard site at

  4. Of course, I'll host whenever the need arises, Dave!

    In case "Google Account" makes my name a bunch of gobblygook, this is Zach.

  5. Zach, I'll put you down for the December edition. I keep the schedule updated at the Boneyard site.


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