Monday, August 30, 2010

Mark Witton, Author of Note

Gravity cannot reach us anymore
Launching Pteranodon by Mark Witton, via Flickr.

Welcome news: Mark Witton is writing a book on the pterosaurs. It's going to be released by Princeton University Press next year. Click here for a teaser, immediately. If you read that "immediately," you didn't click fast enough.

Here's hoping that it's liberally sprinkled with the slice-of-life anecdotes that make his writings so enjoyably nifty.


  1. it's a new perspective...witty quotes und wings

  2. For better immediacy the link should automatically "buy now" and deduct $ from your credit card.

  3. So, here's me just checking out what I've missed on LITC while I've was at Flugsaurier 2010 in China and lo, there's this. I'm dead flattered.

    As for slice-of-life anecdotes, I'm afraid they're being kept to a minimum. Well, ish. The forward is all about air travel, I suppose, but that's your lot. If it's any consolation, though, I have managed to get the words 'sabre-toothed megamoggies' into my introduction.

  4. 'sabre-toothed megamoggies'?
    Damn it! Wheres that automatically buy button!?

  5. You're a brave man, Witton. You know what a fanatical following megamoggies have online. I can already hear their raving criticisms...


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