Monday, August 9, 2010

Classing Up the Joint, Mesozoically

There is no classier way to show your love of dinosaurs than to put this on your walls.

I mean, I am not a wallpaper person. I've had to remove too much of it to ever want to put it on a wall. But that's just too terrific not to at least consider.

These are classy, too. From the maker of the raptor cufflinks previously posted here is this set of T. rex cufflinks.

Clearly, wearing these communicates to the world that the wearer is a person of distinction. But putting wallpaper up shows real commitment. Someone walks into your house and sees dinosaurs on your walls, they think, "That's dedication. This person is unabashed in their love for dinosaurs, and I respect that."

Thanks to LITC craft blogosphere correspondent Jennie for letting me know these exist!

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  1. Aaaand...I now know how to complete the decor in my Dino Den. A perfect match for the framed dino prints on the walls, and the hanging wooden pterosaur skeleton, and the dino models on every shelf.


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