Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video Roundup

I've come across some pretty sweet dinosaur videos at the ol' Youtube website, so it's high time to share some of them here.

Some Japanese dinosaur robots. Sounds like the Parasaurolophus has a bit of a cold.

Triceratops: the Mesozoic's answer to Nate Dogg.

Um, I think this is a musical tribute to Mononykus olecranus, the alvarezsaur. I'd love to see a Fantasia-style animated dinosaur movie, and this would be perfect for a segment on the alvarezsaurs. You can just imagine the little buggers darting about to this.

Tip o' the hat to James Gurney for sharing this video over at Gurney Journey. Looks like a demo of some of the Walking with Dinosaurs live show dinosaur suits, featuring a tyrannosaur and a Utahraptor. Too cool not to post!

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  1. The Mononykus music is kind of neat, I suppose. The Dinosaurs song isn't too bad, in spite of the usual petty mistakes. (Pterosaurs as dinosaurs, plesiosaurs as dinosaurs, Dimetrodon as a dinosaur...) It even has a line for feathered dinos, and it's pretty good animation.


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