Friday, July 23, 2010

Call Me Dave Linkin'

I don't drop enough link bombs up in this joint. So that's what I'm going to do. They won't all be dino-specific, but they'll all be sufficiently paleo.

ReBecca at Dinochick Blogs suggests Paul Brinkman's The Second Jurassic Dinosaur Rush for your bookshelf. Looks like a great read, covering paleontology in America in the aftermath of the bone wars.

I recently posted an animation called The Dinosaurs Song. This one is called Dinosaur Song, and it is not to be confused. It's immeasurably superior, in my estimation. It's the work of Christian Robinson, based on a poem by Daria Tessler.

I got a little freaked out when Dot Dot Dinosaur disappeared, but not to worry. Jenn has just renamed and refocused the blog, now known at It's Always Rawr! in Philadelphia.

Matt Martyniuk got his gush on over a great gallery of the Jehol fauna at DinoGoss.

Logo design and branding blog Brand New was none too impressed with the new logo for the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Brian Switek wrote about trace fossils of a small theropod digging up mammal burrows at Dinosaur Tracking. He was then kind of plagiarized by the BBC, which was completely unnecessary, especially after the Pepsigate shenanigans which led him to migrate his Laelaps blog to his personal website. Luckily the BBC responded to his complaint and has revised the post; the BBC writer claims that he believed the Dinosaur Tracking post was written by the paper's lead author.

"A fecking armored dinosaur" on the cover of an old fantasy novel, at the snarky book cover blog Good Show, Sir!

Have you checked out the relatively new blog Fins to Feet by Arvind Pillai? It's totally money, and he just wrote three fine posts on the evolution of flight in theropods.

More welcome additions to the paleoblogosphere come from Larry Witmer's vital fossil lab. They're the official blog, Pick & Scalpel, and grad student Ashley Morhardt's Penchant4Paleo, begun this spring.

Why Evolution is True writes about fossil evidence of the origin of baleen whales, provided by a transitional species with both teeth and baleen from the Oligocene called Aetiocetus weltoni. The study was published two years ago, but Jerry Coyne felt it hadn't recieved the press it deserved. Bonus: it includes a great Carl Buell illo!

THIS JUST IN: Barbarella Psychedella proposes Dinosaur Day.

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  1. The Dinosaur Song's animation is nothing short of amazing. Although I was expecting a bit more of the "song" part.


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