Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dinosaur Craft Explosion!

My wife is quickly asserting herself as the official craft blogosphere correspondent for Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs. Today I found myself bombarded with links to cool dinosaurian crafts. So here goes.

Here's a post at the blog Paper n Stitch about a DIY golden dinosaur pendant. One of the dinosaurs used is an old Spinosaurus figurine. If you want to go all Flava Flav with it, you could use something much larger, maybe the big Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus rex. In fact, I highly encourage that. Blogger Brittni also shows off other uses for faux-gold dinosaurs - it's a great way to get new use out of old, beat up miniatures.

Rockin' the Spinosaur Pendant

Next, the Tinysaur, which I thought I'd heard of at the blog formerly known as Dot Dot Dinosaur as well (now known as It's Always Rawr in Philadelphia). Now that I've sorted out the new name, I can't find it there. So whoever posted about this previously, I'm not claiming this as a scoop. Anyway, Tinysaurs are the specialty at the Etsy shop Everything Tiny. The Tinysaurs are laser-cut, which is most certainly the best combination of lasers and dinosaurs since the Dino-Riders.

The Tiny Stegosaurus by Everything Tiny

Finally, perhaps most awesomely, an amazing crocheted dromaeosaur skeleton. The skull proportions are like those of Buitreraptor. Knithacker featured it today, and Jennie says it's blowing up the "stitchin' bitchin' world." It's created by Etsy seller Knittingneedle, and can be yours for the modest price of $500. Here's the best part: they take requests! Name the dinosaur and the color. This has to be one of those moments where someone got an idea and immediately thought, "that's so going viral."

She just wants her eggs back!

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