Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chip Kidd

I can't help but dig it when two of my big obsessions are smashed together. I design book covers all day, and today I learned that a guy who is a legend in the profession, Chip Kidd, designed this:

Yep, the iconic Jurassic Park cover, which then became the basis for the movie's JP logo. "The trick there was figuring out how to show a dinosaur without actually showing one, and the answer was to do a sort of X-ray silhouette of a dino-skeleton. The producers of the movie obviously agreed, because they bought it and ran with it." Don't know how that little factoid eluded me this long.


  1. I saw Chip Kidd speak at the Minneapolis Institute of Art last year and he was brilliant! Not only was it great to see a really talented designer speak, but he's hilarious to boot! I had him sign my copy of Bat-Manga!

    He was very gracious with fans. He talked a bit about his work on JP among other projects (the best stories were of the ones that didn't quite work out!).

  2. I do love the JP iconic image. I wonder if he also did the similar Spinosaurus one for JP3? The only things that bug me about this picture are that the T.rex has a tongue and no nose.


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