Friday, February 26, 2010

Todd VanDerWerff, One of Ours

Today's edition of the AV Club's weekly staff Q&A features a question about their automatic turn-ons and turn-offs. Todd VanDerWerff writes:
I wasn’t going to participate in this one, because I literally couldn’t think of anything: I’m too forgiving and too willing to watch everything at least once. But I realized when reading this news item (about Fox aiming to get Steven Spielberg on board for a TV series about a family that time travels to the prehistoric) that I will see or read literally anything featuring dinosaurs. The Jurassic Park trilogy? Own all three. Fragment, that weird book that came out last year about a secluded island where evolution had continued separate from our track for 500 million years? Read it and mostly enjoyed it, in spite of the intense shame I felt while reading it. And I’ve seen so many crazy stop-motion things purporting to show cavemen fighting dinosaurs that I’m sure I’ve forgotten most of them. It probably stems back to being a 4-year-old and thinking dinosaurs were the coolest thing ever (and having a friend who’s gone on to be a highly respected paleontologist), but something about giant reptiles just works for me. This and my love for time-travel stories, of course, blended into me seeing the absolutely awful A Sound Of Thunder, so this doesn’t always work out, but for the most part, if it’s got dinosaurs, I’m there.
That's the spirit, Todd.

For me? Dinosaurs, obviously. Also, I'd watch George Clooney churn butter for two hours. I'm comfortable enough in my sexuality to say that. Oh jeez, can you imagine if Spielberg and Joe Johnston got the Cloon to star in the possible new Jurassic Park trilogy? Celluloid candy. Sweet, sweet celluloid candy.

Aaaaaaand... I'm stopping now.

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