Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dino Friday Repost: Centrosaurus Bone Beds

Before LITC, I used to devote Fridays on my general purpose blog Gentleman's Choice to dinosaurs. It was what gave me the notion to just write about the buggers all the time: eventually, they couldn't be contained, and started spilling over into other days. I figure I'll start salvaging some of those old posts every once in a while. This one, from last July, reminds me: I never bought this print! Silly me. Better snap to.

Paleoblog has posted some photos of a Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project dig over the last week. They're pullin' big hunks of Centrosaurus out of the ground. Centrosaurus was a ceratopsian, not as famous as Triceratops or as gloriously adorned as Styracosaurus, but certainly deserving of its fair measure of respect. Its "nose" horn is massive, making up for relatively diminutive "brow" horns. A good journeyman ceratopsian, certainly preferable to old raptor-bait Protoceratops. Though it's admittedly foolish of me to diss one of the stars of my favoritest fossil.

Anyway, there's a beautiful print being sold by the Southern Alberta Dinosaur Research Group to fund their efforts. It's by Mark Schultz, and it bears repeating: It's beautiful.Dino Friday will be continuing until I get my new dino-blog up and running, by the way. I'll announce it when it's ready to be announced. Still working on a title, then I'll be designing it. Then it will be ready to fly.

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