Saturday, January 26, 2013

The LITC All Yesterdays Contest: Update

Just a quick note to thank all of our submitting artists for the LITC version of an "All Yesterdays" contest. They've been coming in regularly, and I'm thrilled that some new names are among the creators. I know there's plenty of excitement around Naish, Conway and Kosemen's book and their own contest, so it's nice to know that our twist on the idea has gotten a response. The more the merrier, that's how I see it! Anyway, to review our contest rules and requirements, as written by Asher in the original contest announcement:

  • A distinct sense of style. Give us a break from the detail oriented realism that's so common. Experiment a bit. Cubism? Art Nouveau? Impressionism? Gesture drawing? It's up to you. 
  • Interesting speculation. At the same time, we're looking for interesting and unusual subject matter. Dust bathing proto birds? Symbiotic pterosaurs? Odd soft tissue? We'd like to see all of it. Hit us with your craziest stuff. 
  • Accuracy. Your only guideline is that the animal must at least adhere to current knowledge. No naked raptors and tail dragging sauropods, please.
  • Feel free to send along an artists statement explaining your influences or ideas!
  • All art is due March 1st, 2013. Send all art to

The first place winner will recieve a copy of Dinosaur Art, as supplied by Marc.
The second place winner will recieve a vintage book of dinosaur art, hand selected by David himself.
The third place winner will receive a signed sketch from myself, depicting any prehistoric creature he or she so desires.

All art we receive will be displayed here, at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs. Niroot, Myself, David, and Marc will all be participating, of course, but for obvious reasons we will be ineligible to win.

Happy creating!


  1. Say folks, I wanted to ask: Is this open to any prehistoric reptile or only dinosaurs?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, certainly. It's a general paleoart contest, so it's not limited to dinosaurs.

    3. Whew! I suddenly, got a little nervous and aaah. Okay. Expect things from me in the near future. XD

  2. That's it! Now you've done it! You've tempted me 1 so many times that you've forced me to enter your contest!

    BTW, while you've probably already heard about it, I want to recommend this remake for a future LITC review (especially since you guys have already reviewed the original):

  3. Would Australopithecus or Homo floresiensis count, or are you only looking for non-hominids?


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