Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sketchbook: A Tubby Hadrosaur

Would you be up for me sharing doodles here? I'm sure many of your sketchbooks are like mine, with dinosaurs of all sorts sneaking around notes, rants, moments of genius, and other serious business. So I have plenty of the little buggers to share. I'll try to make it a thing (and of course, my fellow LITC bloggers are invited to do sketchbook posts of their own).

I'll kick off what I hope to be a long series with a tubby hadrosaur of some sort I drew after reading a chapter of the excellent A Smile in the Mind (designers, read it). Kind of looks like a mix of Gryposaurus and Lambeosaurus. With a strange, perhaps pathological hindlimb.

I have no idea why I was drawing my hand, but the two end up interacting in a fun way, as if I'm pretending to hold a handful of whatever seedy things hadrosaurs like to eat. I also shared this at my tumblr blog The Gallant Cannibal, where I share things that spark my curiosity as well as promote posts we write here. It's kind of become a supplement to LITC, so you may be interested in following me there, too.


  1. It looks like it got splatted on the head with something.

    I keep a separate blog for my doodles:

  2. Tubby hadrosaurs. Yes, please. And I love seeing people's sketches and doodles.

    The markings running down its eye make it look as though it's in tears, the poor wee lamb.

  3. You gotta keep a sketchbook for recording these transient visual thoughts . . . you'd be surprised how many young graphic designers don't bother any more, preferring to do everything on the computer. Nothing beats the immediacy of pencil and paper.

    Stu the aging designer ;-)

    1. If my students come away from their introductory design class with nothing more than the importance of the sketchbook and pencil, I'll have succeeded.


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