Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heading out

Just a quick note to let you know that I'll be mostly off-line for the next couple weeks. Jennie and I are getting on a plane and heading out west.

We're going here:

Mono Lake

And here:

Zion National Park, Utah

A little bit of here:

Bonneville salt flats

A bunch of here:

Kings Canyon

And of course here:

Allosaurus skull, Dinosaur National Monument

Among other places. I'm too excited to sleep, but sleep I must. I have some posts scheduled, and Vintage Dinosaur Art will continue, but don't expect me to be immediately reachable in the case of a dinosaur emergency.


  1. I know I've been awfully quiet lately, but there will be a few posts coming up from me next week, besides a VDA. I've just got to go on a little outing of my own first!

    1. Excellent! Blackgang Chine, correct? Had an interesting exchange on Facebook yesterday with a guy who's heading there to learn about fossils... so he know how to spot them in photos from Mars. True story.

  2. I know just how you feel, David. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Thanks all! Heading to the airport shuttle in forty minutes. The blog should keep humming along.

  4. I'll wave southward as you fly by. Enjoy every minute and take a million photos!

  5. Soave sia il vento! Enjoy your trip, it sounds utterly amazing. I am of course unspeakably envious!

  6. Have a great trip! The first two places look like it will be difficult to land the plane so good luck too!


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