Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dinosaurs in Ink

Brian Switek recently shared his new Allosaurus ink, courtesy the masterful pen of Glendon Mellow. It rides a wave of attention being given to scientifically-themed tattoos courtesy Carl Zimmer's latest book, Science Ink, in which he shares his favorites among the many science tattoos that have been sent to him via his blog. Of course, paleontology is represented. It is the mightiest of sciences. Of course it is.

As it happens, there is also a group at Flickr devoted to tattoos of a saurian nature, and they range from simple outlines to faithful illustrations of skeletal remains to more cartoony treatments of dinosaurs.

First up, a very cool design worn by one of my contacts, Brian Rusnica.

dinosaur tattoo

Inspired by recent programming on the History Channel? Or just as likely, maybe it inspired Ancient Aliens...

Comic Con 09: Attacking the Dino

Not a dinosaur, but how could I not mention this Postosuchus? 100_2108

One of the few representatives of feathered dinosaurs is this Microraptor.

[Zombified Dinosaur]

This guy!

T-Rex Tattoo (4)

On the cuddly side, this ceratopsid hatchling.

[deceit struck gold]

Another ceratopsid, a Triceratops skull covered in flowers, as it should be.

Triceratops tattoo
[Ink Nerd]

A fanciful take on a bonebed, it would seem.

that i drew
[Darin Shuler]

There are plenty that are simply bizarre, of course, and my favorite of these is this King Tyrannosaur. What's up with that pink ghost? I'm going to assume that this is a reference that I'm just not getting.

king rex.
[Pig Wizards]


True story: one of the first posts on this blog was about this very same subject.


  1. Some of those are pretty epic. Love the first one.

  2. I think the last one has got to be on a person that is going places in life, good places.

    1. I hear that in prison they can add feathers for a very reasonable price.

  3. Wow, that Postosuchus is incredible.


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