Friday, February 24, 2012

Mesozoic Miscellany 51

I reckon it's about danged time to hop on the dinosaur blog carousel and see what our beloved compatriots have been up to lately.

ART Evolved unveiled their mega-huge new Feathered Dinosaur gallery a couple weeks ago. It's a veritable mountain of saurians in dandy plumage, so if you've not visited it yet, do it. I had a submission too, a lil' Caudipteryx.

Brett Booth had an unveiling of his own at Carnosauria, where he shared his cover for G.I. Combat #1.

I'm sure Andrey Atuchin didn't intend it, but he gave me a little birthday present this year: a new illustration of Rubeosaurus.

At Dinosaurpalaeo, Heinrich shares an exchange with some animatronics artists who approached him to improve a Plateosaurus model in the process of being built. More of this, please! Clicking a link to a new exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs is almost always rewarded by the urge to hurl. To spend so much time and so much money and still get things so wrong...

Wondering about the sauropods of the British Isles? Nobu's got you covered at Paleoexhibit. A series: 1, 2, and 3.

Victoria Arbour has interviewed Federico Fanti at Pseudoplocephalus, asking about recent research about a nesting oviraptorosaur fossil.

Learn about Scott Hartman's process of revising his Acrocanthosaurus skeletal drawing.

Mark Wildman writes about the famous fashion statement of the iconic Stegosaurus at Saurian.

At the RMDRC Paleo Lab blog, Anthony Maltese writes about the excavation and prep of an enormous specimen of the Late Cretaceous fish Xiphactinus, nicknamed Lois.

I find good dinosaur crafts about as rarely as I find fossils in my Indiana backyard. But if you dig through enough lazy knockoffs, crummy pre-renaissance illustrations, and thoughtless silhouette, you can find gold. This week, my friend Larry Buchanan tipped me off to a set of invitations by Christine Wisnieski. Really charming illustrations that do not suck.

Christine Wisnieski's dinosaur party inviations. From designworklife.

Finally, in the filthy lucre department, my Cafepress shop is now chock-full of dinosaur fashion. Check it out, and I swear that I will only spend the money on honorable pursuits like betting on cat juggling.

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