Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ain'cha Anchiceratops?

Anchiceratops ornatus
Anchiceratops ornatus skull at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Photo by Ricky Romero, via Flickr.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum youtube channel recently posted a nifty thirty minute lecture from Jordan Mallon, "Variation in the Skull of Anchiceratops." For your enjoyment:

The Tyrrell does a super job of sharing stuff like this on their channel, so don't be a dillweed, subscribe already. Recent videos include one on the mosasaur Prognathodon and the sea-faring ankylosaur found last year at the Suncor mine. Also, Mallon is a DeviantArt member, so hop on that when you get the chance.


  1. An cool talk. There's just so many undescribed specimens out there that is seems phylogeny and the task of determing what constitutes intraspecific variation and what constitutes a new species will always be woefully behind. Unless we can fund more research like Mallon's.

  2. Love that effort of pronouncing my name correct. :)


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