Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's Wrong with this Picture?

I'd driven by this theropod, leering over a fence at passing motorists (and an unfortunate bullock), so many times that eventually I just had to stop and have a closer look. It's located at SK Camping and Leisure near South Godstone, Surrey (South East England), a shop that sells tents and camping equipment, garden furniture and, er, a menagerie of resin and fibreglass animals (including the two pictured above). The bigger ones - including the lunging theropod pictured below - have eye-watering price tags, but one of the dinkier brachiosaurs is a snip at a mere £199.99. Bargain.


  1. How dinky is the dinky brachiosaur? Not that I want it, just curious (and preparing to be further aghast the price).

  2. Not that dinky, truth be told. Considerably bigger than any Sideshow piece (but nowhere near as well sculpted, obviously).


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