Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stephen Fry in the Mesozoic

Image courtesy BBC Two, via Flickr.

One of my favorites is Stephen Fry. Favorite what? Name it. Writer. Actor. Comedian. All around smart, compassionate, insightful human being. So I cannot wait to watch ITV's March of the Dinosaurs documentary, which Fry will be narrating.

Jasper James, the CEO of production company Wide-Eyed Entertainment - and a producer on the Walking With series, - says,
March of the Dinosaurs is a big paleontology story told as an epic family feature. And if you think you’ve seen dinosaurs then stand by for super-sized feathered killers and colossal herds slogging through the ice and snow to escape perpetual night. After 70 million years out of the limelight it’s just perfect that these dinosaurs are going to make their comeback on as big a channel as ITV1.
Super-sized feathered killers. Most excellent.

Update - Thanks to commenter Albertonykus for sharing this link to production stills, confirming the presence of feathers and general dinosaurs in blizzard badness. Everything Dinosaur additionally reports that the program will air next Sunday, April 23 at 5PM in the UK.

Gratuitous Stephen Fry video:


  1. See also: http://simplytelevision.blogspot.com/2011/04/march-of-dinosaurs-photos.html

    The Troodon don't look too nice, but at least they have feathers and have non-pronated hands, as do the Gorgosaurus. The Edmontonia and Pachyrhinosaurus have too many hand claws (archosaurs have no more than three). The visuals look really good, and we're getting polar mosasaurs.


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