Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rocky D., Dinosaur Extraordinaire

"Brach's Rocks.. introducing ROCKY D. - Dinosaur Extraordinaire" ((1993))
Shared by Tokka at Flickr.

Seems like he'd have a heck of a time with another dinosaur extraordinaire, Yellow Dinosaur.

YELLOW DINO: PEDO HUNTER from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

It would be a great team! Rocky D. could lure children with candy, and Yellow Dinosaur could deliver a good lecture on avoiding "tricky people."


  1. God, "Yellow Dino" is a thing of beauty. I like the part where a questionable child photographer is put in his place by a dude in a fursuit.

  2. I feel like we may have missed some parts there.

    But hey, Rockey D! If I had a dollar for every Archie comic I had as a kid with that ad in it, well, I'd have some dollars (and not enough to pay for the comics, either).

  3. Yeah, Everything is Terrible tends to heavily edit things down to the most ridiculous moments.


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